R.M. Villa

The concept is to create a vertical site or land layer, on which we will build our boxes (rooms). The view optimisation is through the North West Axis. The plot shape is a perfect triangle, and very slopy. Creating a perfect and functional house is not easy with such constraints but a chanlenging exercixe to an architect. Two Big shear walls located on the North and South elevations and the East is very transparent at the upper level since the house is under the road level and far about 4.50m from the street view, within this setback the access road is located in order to reach the Ground Floor in which the reception area is located inside a Lofty Style Space 5.00m clear height overlooking the Jounieh Bay between Pine Trees, and the infinty edge swimming pool. A Black Cube serve the outdoor garden and stick to the North Wall this is the Kitchen Area served by the Maid Area located inside the Double Volume space. The upper Level is reserved for the Family and could be reached from inside the reception by an enclosed Stairway Volume or from the Garden by a ascending staircase, each room is highlighted by the wooden volume from outside and including the Balcony inside each volume, the Master Bedroom is the only volume that reach both side from the house East and West. The Black is a receiving material for energy and the wood is the living material inside the Pine Tree forest. At west we found five shading panels, one of them is the Chimney which is the only protruding Element from the black roof.