Eco Villas - Amchit

Eco Villas is the first of its kind here in Amchit, Lebanon. This stunning villas has been architecturally designed to work with the natural beauty and movement of the property that surrounds it while leaving the least impact on the environment as possible. The villas, sustainable or locally sourced materials in its construction. Our goal is to offer an environmentally responsible experience without sacrificing luxury. There are 3 individual Villas pods that have been constructed inside the rocks and all run on solar power. They have been strategically placed on various tiers along the hillside property in Amchit, each with their own incredible sea and mountain views. Each are designed with large decks complete with individual natural dipping pools, gravity fed showers, locally woven hammocks, flat screen tvs, wifi, and energy efficient air conditioners. The sleekly designed and unique 40 foot natural swimming pool has no salt and no chemicals, which can be harmful to the swimmer and the surrounding environment. Constructed from a white ready mixed concrete, the pool uses a natural eco system of plant life along with sand and UV filters and a waterfall to naturally clean itself and create a safe, holistic swimming experience. The main level centers around this fantastic pool complete with a large sundeck and bar area, beautifully designed grand room and kitchen, lush garden with double wood grill, and surround sound Bose speakers to create a perfect space for family, friends, parties and gatherings.