A La Saj, Bites and Coffee

Client Brief:

The mission was creating a home-like place with exquisite fusion sandwiches, and an atmosphere of comfort. Our aim is to make Saj a trend that is familiarized in the Western World as a “fresh home-made wrap”. With a variety of over twenty-five sandwiches, A La Saj Describes itself as a fusion take on Saj ​​where we strive to create a mixture of Levantine and international ingredients. 

Within the features of our design, A La Saj offers its customers a trip into history with the picture mural, with pictures dating to over fifty years of one of our owner's family history in the hospitality world.


Our Concept:

This Small project consists of two Levels, but the reception which is in this case the upper part is smaller than the Lower Part. Our main Focus is to attract peoples from the street and make them comfortable. The Problem was, 1- have an open kitchen (Clean), 2- receive as much as possible in a small area and be functional.

The Kitchen is divided to two, one for presentation and delivery the other one for storage and preparation.


As Architect, our only playgrounds in this project was; Mood, Functionality and Space. 

  • Mood: Materials & Lighting
  • Functionality: Distribution and Opening
  • Space: Area Ratio


The Ceiling was our real game, which we considered as the dough’s waste, when you have the scrap of the outside clean circle mold cut. 


The Materials used in this project are: Béton Ciré for floor, White paint for Ceiling & Walls, Black Paint for special Ceiling & Wall, Black Steel for the Shop Front, The Stair Handrail and Glass Framing.


This place has been made on a short Client Notice and has been finalized in a period of 6 Months