A. Jamal Residence

This Cottage House, located on a cliff overlooking the Valley of Bakhoun, North Lebanon – is one of the unic project that we thought together with the client for every single detail over a period of one complete year. This secondary residence should accomodates all clients needs and gather the guests as well.


Projected on a 12,000 sqm Slopy Plot, we got to integrate the residence on the flat part of it, taking advantage of the two surrounding roads. A 3,500 sq m residence (Cottage), to receive 4 guests in their own guest houses, Including the Jamal’s Family consisted of 4 Master Bedrooms and 1 Suite.

Ofcourse the big reception area connected to the Dining Room (24 Peoples), and the Kitchen Zone. As an Annex to the house the Guests/Friends Lounge 600 sq m overlooking the valley and the Mountains from its 180 – 200 degree Panoramic Glass Walls. 


A Big Pool to receive maximum people inside, with Jaccuzzi Area and Water Falls.        


The materials used for this project, is the grey white stone, and dark gray roof tiles, and Teak wood for Louvers and Cladding, and finally the black steel for steel structures and architectural features (handrail, staircase, lighting, fence, etc..)